Pretty Porous


What are Porous Media?

What do asphalt, soil, fuel cells, plants, brains and even bones have in common? They all are so-called „porous media“. We find them practically everywhere. The porous structure and permeability is clearly revealed if we examine them under the microscope.

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  • Explanatory video: What are porous media?
    Credits: Natalie Weinman, Sven Tillack, Steffen Knöll
  • Visualization of a porous structure
Credits: University of Stuttgart / VISUS / Stefan Scheller

    Fractures in the dry, porous soil
    Credits: University of Stuttgart / SFB 1313

    Humans are porous media themselves: extraction of the superficial facial vasculature from thermal images using mathematical tools known from image processing.
    Credits: Image created within the international workshop “InFoMM Graduate Modelling Camp” at the University of Oxford.