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Visualizations transform data from computer simulations into graphic representations. Using these images, the information from the simulations can be interpreted and analyzed easier. Visualizations illustrate the simulation results.

Simulation of a five-spot injection scenario with a strongly heterogeneous domain (SPE10 benchmark) using an IMPES formulation on an adaptively refined grid.

What is a model? What is a simulation?

Simulations are created on the basis of models. In this way, different scenarios can be simulated which are too expensive or too dangerous in reality or which are not visible to the naked eye. Simulations make the invisible visible.

Example from the field of biology:
Model: Virtual reproduction of the human brain
Simulation: How does the brain behave when taking certain medication? In this way, the transport of medications can be made visible.

Simulations make processes visible.

Vivid examples can be found in the simulation gallery.