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Young people

Study Program „Simulation Technology“

The interdisciplinary study program „Simulation Technology“ combines the fields of mathematics, engineering, computer science and natural science. Since 2010, students have been able to study the six-semester Bachelor’s course and since 2013 they have been able to continue their studies in the consecutive Master’s course. An excellent basis for a subsequent doctorate. Perhaps even in the GS SimTech, our graduate school.

Student competition Planet Simtech

Since 2015, the SimTech Junior Academy has been organising the PlaNeT SimTech school competition. Solving problems from natural sciences and technology is the motto here. The competition is for those students who are in their last two years of high school and enjoy mathematics, puzzles, engineering problems and tinkering. The team that finds the best solution for our modelling challenging task, such as “How much fuel do you need for a manned Mars mission?” can win up to 500 EUR.