Pretty Porous

But how exactly do simulations work?

And this is how it works!
Explaining simulations using the example of the human gait

SimTech and the digital human model
Credits: SimTech / Storz Medienfabrik GmbH

Real process

The human gait is a complex process. This becomes particularly clear when a human being loses the ability to walk. In order for this ability to be restored, for example through highly developed prostheses, researchers need to gain a better understanding of how the gait works. This is where simulations help.


Determine the structures and influences involved. Formulation of interactions. Creation of a mathematical model.


Inserting concrete values into the formulas of the mathematical model. Translating the model into algorithms.


Developing a software for the simulation in order to calculate it on the computer.


Visualize abstract simulation results and data


Evaluation of the simulation results and comparison with the real experiment

Reality check

Do the simulation results match the reality?

Model adjustment

Incorporation of the findings into the process and improvement of the computer simulation