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Programming language and DuMuX

What is source code?

Source code is text written in programming language, which is structured in lines.

The text consists of different components, which are applied to formulate commands. A simulation is built with the help of the source code. The source code is important because it alone is responsible for how a simulation looks like and for the content. If only a single character is set incorrectly, the simulation is affected and becomes erroneous.

Python-Code out of DuMuX
Credits: University of Stuttgart / LH2

Video 1: DuMuX Coding
Credits: University of Stuttgart / LH2

Video 2: DuMuX Coding
Credits: University of Stuttgart / LH2

What is DuMuX?

DuMuX is a software (= compute program), with which  models can be programmed. On the basis of these models, simulations can be performed. 
DuMuX means “DUNE for Multi-{Phase, Component, Scale, Physics, …} flow and transport in porous media”.)
DuMuX is a open source software that has been developed at the University of Stuttgart.

What is an open source software?

Software, public for the public, is called open source software. That means that the source code is freely accessible. In this way existing knowledge can be easily transferred and exchanged with others.
Other examples of open source software or computer programs are Firefox, Google Chrome, Linux or Open Office.

Open Source
Credits: PantherMedia / bakhtiarzein